Finally, A Proven System That Anyone Can
Use To Make Success in Sales Easier!

And In This Tough Economy, Every Sale Counts!

Uncover the same proven tools and strategies used by top sales performers to make success in sales easier, no matter what you sell...and can even make you rich!

Dear Sales Superstar-in-the-Making:

Have you ever noticed that successful salespeople seem to have this "6th sense" when it comes to pinpointing hot, hungry prospects they can sell to?

I see this again and again.

When it comes to selling, they seem to have this "Midas touch." Everything they present sells like crazy, and fattens their wallets with insane commissions.

But when you ask them how they do it time and time again, the likely response you'll get is...

"I was born to sell!"

I hope that sounds as absurd to you as it does to me. Born to sell? Really?

The truth is, they weren't born with a genetic disposition to selling, or success. They simply know something that you don't, and they don't want to share their secret recipe for success.

(Stay with me because in a moment, I'm going to show you how you can learn their secrets and transform your own sales career, doubling, even tripling your sales and commissions, with less effort, and you don't have to shell out a lot of money!)

Have You Ever Wondered Why
You're Not As Successful As You Want To Be?

The reason why you're not a successful as you could be is simple.

You haven't been trained properly. You don't have the necessary knowledge and skills it takes to get ahead in sales and stay there.

It's not your fault.

You weren't born knowing how to read, or add, or even tie your own shoes. But you learned how to do all of those things, right?

Sales, like almost anything else, is a learned behavior. It's something that takes time and practice to develop successfully. But there are also ways to jumpstart your success, and sidestep the learning curve too.

Learn the Guarded Secrets of the World's
Most Successful Salespeople

What if you had access to the same tools, strategies andinsider information top salespeople use to consistently succeed in sales?

What if, like these top salespeople, you were able to accurately identify hot, hungry prospects and markets, filled high-response buyers? Would you be more successful? Would you make more money? Would you have more job security?

You bet you would!

You see, there are prospects out there who are desperate for a solution to their problems, and they're willing to pay for it. With just a little insider knowledge and training, you can quickly and easily identify and get in front of these raving buyers and give them exactly what they want.

And you can make a fortune doing it!

If only you knew what they know. Imagine if you could...

Create an endless supply of leads and prospects?
Never compete on price ever again?
Become a trusted advisor to your customers?
Effortlessly close sale after sale?
  Learn things about your market which enable you to sell more, more often and more consistently?

If you knew all that... you'd never struggle again. Never miss your quota. Never waste your time, and never worry about your job, ever again.

I'll Share How You Can Learn All That And More!
But First...

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Che Brown.

As a professional sales trainer, I've helped hundreds of salespeople develop the knowledge, skills and style to generate millions of dollars in sales and commissions.

But it hasn't always been that way. Originally, I was in finance. In fact, I have a Masters in Business from Johns Hopkins University,and a Bachelors from Morgan State.

Prior to 2004 I had NEVER professionally sold anything!

But, as fate would have it, in 2004, I got laid off from my job at Verizon and I decided to do something different. Something that I wasn't dependent on other people to maintain my job security.

So, I decided to start my own business. Like a lot of new businesses, I ran out of money quickly because I didn't know how to get clients. I was tired. I was frustrated, and I didn't know what to do.

I realized the key to starting a new business, "Never Run Out of Money."

I couldn't work any harder. I was giving it my best. More hours wasn't going to get it. I HAD to learn how to sell, and I had to do it with less effort. Nothing else was going to save my company.

Selling is essential to EVERY business!

That's when I discovered a gentleman by the name of Eric Lofholm, who I call "super sales genius". Eric was Tony Robbins' top sales performer, and went on to train the Tony Robbins sales team as an independent consultant.

Under the guidance and supervision of Eric, I began to learn the "insider secrets" to successful selling.

As I began to implement the strategies and formulas for successful sales in my own business, things started happening. I was quickly beginning to see successes and improvement every day.

Before long, my company started to grow. I was able to lease office space, hire employees, even a full-time personal assistant, and my new sales skills were responsible for it all.

That's when I realized that no matter what kind of business you're in, and no matter what position you fill, sales is an integral part of success. What I learned from my mentoring with Eric was the value of sales to every organization.

But Here's What Makes Me Truely Unique

Before long, I discovered that I could teach other people how to do the same things I had done. By making simple changes in their business, I was able to show other people how to accomplish the same successes that I had experienced, but without suffering through the challenges and obstacles.

So, I started teaching the same principles and strategies to other people just like me. People who worked hard, but were struggling to get ahead.

And what do you think happened.

You guessed it. They started succeeding too!

My clients began achieving their sales goals, and earning sizeable paychecks for their efforts. As I progressed, a system began to develop. A blueprint for incredible success in sales. And, as I and my clients went along, the system proved itself, over and over again.

In just a few short years, this unique sales system has accounted for millions of dollars in sales, in nearly every market you can imagine.

Now I share my sales success system to thousands of sales professionals, just like you, all over the country.

In fact, there are over 1,000 members in my Partner Programs alone.

To date, I've shared my system with over 5,000 people through my presentations and seminars, and now I speak every month helping others achieve their goals with less effort.

Why am I telling you all this?

It's not to brag. I want you to understand why I'm the one person who can finally help you achieve your sales goals. I've been where you are, and I understand what it takes to get from there to here. And there is NO amount of education that can equal experience, especially when it comes to success in sales.

That's why I decided to put together a special training program that teaches you the entire sales success system, "from contact to contract", so that you, too, can tap into the goldmine of a career in sales, make a lot more money, and save yourself a ton of wasted time and hassles learning it the "hard way".

More important, I show you how to sell the right way.

Now You Can Learn An Easier Way To Sell, Using a Proven System, And Get Immediate Results!

Would you like to give yourself a pay raise? Would you like to generate more leads, close more sales, improve your ability to set goals, and achieve the status of being a top sales producer?

Master sales techniques can be learned, and the best ones to learn are the ones already being used by ace salespeople. But even if you feel you've learned all of the sales skills you'll ever need, you know that competition in the marketplace brings new challenges that you need to adapt to. Even the finest knives must still be sharpened on a regular basis.

The sales profession has never been considered easy. It is a profession where financial and personal rewards can be extremely high, but so are the risks. It is one of the few professions where you can write your own paycheck. However, in order to reap these kinds of rewards, you need to learn the techniques that will get you there.

Why a step-by-step system?

Well, you can learn one of two ways. The first way is the school of hard knocks. The second way is to learn from an expert. The easiest, quickest and most powerful way to learn is from a step-by-step system. I have taken the time to identify how I am able to produce consistent sales results. I have then put these ideas into a comprehensive step-by-step system.

But There Are TWO Keys to Sales Success:
Proper Training and Access to an Expert Mentor!

To be successful in sales, you need the right tools. But that's not all. You also need to know how to use them properly too.

Knowing WHAT to do is important, but knowing HOW to do it is just as crucial.

Think about the conversations you have with your customers and prospects. Knowing what to say to them is important for sure, but how you say it is just as important to a successful presentation or meeting.

We've all heard people try to sell us something, reading from a script, word for word, right? How genuine and convincing do they sound? Not very.

That's why my sales system will teach you not only how to write sales scripts, but how to deliver those words in the proper context, order, emotion and emphasis.

Now you get direct access to me, all of my greatest content and materials, but most importantly, how to apply what you learn. You'll get direct access to a hands-on, interactive learning format that gives you specific examples and strategies for conducting productive discussions, and controlling the conversation to get more sales, more leads, and more return on your time investment.

As a member, you'll get access to every shred of information, every technique, and every strategy. It's the same material I paid over $30,000, and spent years of my life learning.

A Full 52-Week Sales
Mentoring Program

Time is an important ingredient of success. It is going to take time. Once you begin using the techniques and strategies I teach in my system, you'll begin to see improvement instantly. But to get the full benefit of the system, and learn all of the in's and out's of the sales trade, you need time to learn, and lots of practice.

As humans, when learning new ideas, our brain works like a sponge. When you put a sponge under a water faucet in a short period of time the sponge will be saturated with water. You can continue to run the water over the sponge but the sponge will not be able to absorb any more water. Once you wring out the sponge you will then be able to add more water. Our brain works the same way.

You can only absorb so much knowledge in one time. It is for this reason that I have spaced out the 52 sales lessons you will receive in this program over 12 months. Each week I will teach you a little bit more, allowing you to absorb the material, and put it to action.

Once you learn the complete sales success system, it will become second nature. You won't even have to think. You'll know...

...And you will profit from everything you do.

Who will benefit most
from a program like this?

The Silver Partner Program is for anyone who wants to improve their sales career and their sales, influence and persuasion skills. This includes:

Real Estate Agents
Network Marketers
Insurance Salespeople
Professional Speakers
Auto Salespeople
Phone Salespeople
Technology Salespeople
Pharmaceutical Salespeople
Real Estate Investors
Small Business Owners
And anyone else who can benefit from better sales and influence skills.


Here's How You Can Claim Your Very Own
Spot In This Results-Producing Program

I've just opened up my award-winning sales mentoring program to the public, and for those that enroll now, this is the chance to finally break through the success barrier and discover their full potential in sales.

It's called the Silver Partner Program, and until now, has only been made available to a select handful of my private clients. The Silver Partner Program is a full, 52-week sales mentoring program, teaching you everything you need to succeed in a lucrative sales career, even in the sluggish economy.

Just like following a recipe, I'll show you how use all of the ingredients to create a permanent model for sales success, in any market, and in any economy. In this case, the "sales success recipes" are delivered every week through a live conference call. Each week I teach on a new topic, and give you the chance to interact directly about the specifics of how to apply the lesson.

Plus, you'll also get access to special tools, templates, scripts and resources I use in my own business to deliver consistent sales and new opportunities, each and every month.

It's the same coaching program my private clients pay $2,495 for!

(Once you go through this amazing course, you'll realize why it's the the best-kept "secret weapon" of top sales performers everywhere!)

The Silver Partner Program is the first, and most important step in my master Partner Program. It's where you learn the ground work for building and sustaining a successful career in sales, like...

How to generate unlimited, quality leads.
How to set unlimited appointments.
How to instantly build trust and rapport with your prospects and customers.
How to effortlessly close every sale, every time.
How to handle every objection.
How to become a follow-up master.
How to generate an endless supply of referrals.
How to write powerful, results-producing sales scripts.
And much, much more!


What Exactly Do You Get?

52-Weeks of Live Sales Training & Mentoring

Each lesson in the Silver Partner Program is delivered via a weekly conference call, each Thursday, from 4:00 - 4:30 pm (eastern) and consists of a live skill-building training session. Then from 4:30 - 5:00 pm, I open up the lines to you and the call becomes interactive. Each week you can email your questions for discussion on the call.

If you can dial a phone, then you've got what it takes. It's that easy!

Following each call, I'll also send you my notes containing the key information and concepts from the call to help you stay focused, take action and stay motivated. This weekly reinforcement will put you on track and keep you there!

Can't make the call? No problem!

Each call is recorded and sent directly to you in a convenient MP3 format. You can save the call to your computer, iPod or burn it to CD and listen at your own pace, and on your own schedule. (Available for both PC and Mac)


Home-Study Audio

The second component is my How to Close Deals Home Study Audio Program. This six part audio cd set contains over 7 hours of my best ideas on sales, persuasion, goal setting, and time management. Work at your own pace, around your own schedule and reinforce the training sessions, with additional lessons and activities with the versatile ancillary tools and techniques revealed in this best selling audio series.


Access to my "Members-Only" Online Community

Our Members-Only Online Community contains hundreds of other members in the Partner Program so you can expand your network, use it as a marketing tool by completing a profile of questions including your website and picture and view special training videos and material that I post to the online community (It's like having your own internal facebook).


Plus Get 4 Free Bonuses

Get Your Membership Today and I'm Going To Give You
4 Bonus Items To Get You Started at NO extra charge!

2-Day Sales Success Seminar
(valued at $995)

The first bonus is my 2 day signature seminar called: Sales and Success. In Sales and Success, you'll learn my most powerful ideas in a live interactive training. This 2-day intensive training session will give you hands-on instruction and interaction with experts and peers to deliver a powerful, career-changing kick-start, and action plan for success.

The seminar is held several times a year, to accommodate your busy schedule, and always on Saturday & Sunday in Columbia, MD.


150 of My Best Sales Training Audio's
(valued at $1,000)

My best training content, delivered via downloadable MP3:

  • How to Grow Your Business Using Sales Scripts
  • The Mindset of Great Salespeople
  • Time Management
  • Goal Setting
  • Follow-Up Strategies
  • Master Closing Scripts
  • Power Questions to Move Prospects to Action
  • And more!


A 30 Minute Personal Coaching Session with me,
Che Brown (valued at $250)

You get me 1:1 for a full 30 minutes to ask your most burning questions, and get specific advice on your own unique situation.


My Fast Track Instant Sales Webinar
(valued at $495)

A four-part webinar to give you the rocket fuel to blast off and explode your sales results. I teach you how to take a contact to a contract.

Heard Enough? Want In? Click Here.

Can Sales Mentoring
Really Be That Powerful?


You will be amazed at how fast some of my clients went from making absolutely diddly-squat to generating thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars a month, in less than a year...

...Simply by doing a few of the tactics taught consistently.

The Silver Partner Program is perfect for anyone who is in sales, owns a small business, or wants to learn how to leverage the power of sales, influence, and persuasion to advance their career, business and income.



So,Your Probably Asking Yourself...

"How Much Does It Cost To Be Trained Personally
By One of The World's Top Sales Trainers?"

The shocking Answer:
Less Than The Cost of a Cup of Coffee A Day!

To be honest, deciding how much to charge for the Silver Partner Program was not an easy task. I wanted to provide the best information and training possible, but I also wanted to make it so the average person could afford it, too.

How many times have you found a great course or program, only to be disappointed that you couldn't afford it? How did that make you feel?

That why I've decided to offer the Silver Partner Program at a price ANYONE can afford.

Like I said earlier, my private clients pay $2,495 to get the same sales training system included with this program.

Plus, you get my four incredible bonuses, valued at over $2,740

That puts the total value of the complete program at over $4,000

The good news is you won't pay anything close to that.

When you enroll today in this special promotion, you'll get complete, unrestricted access to the full Silver Partner Program for just $299! Yep. You get a full year's access to my world-class Silver Partner Program for one incredibly low price. You can't beat that price for personal sales coaching anywhere!

Think About It...That's Less Than 82¢ A Day!

And to make you decision even easier...
... Your ENTIRE investment is backed by my Personal Guarantee!

My Personal Guarantee:

I believe in the strength of this program so much, that I offer a 100%, iron-clad, no-risk guarantee for a full 30 days. It's simple. If you are not fully satisfied during the first 30 days, just let us know and we'll issue a prompt 100% refund of your tuition, no questions asked. .

Try the program and see for yourself. Remember the saying, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." Backed by the guarantee, there is nothing to lose except the opportunity for financial reward and success beyond your current expectations!


Don't discount yourself, or your potential to be great.

Start Your Membership Today and
Get Access Immediately

Reserve One of Only 100 Spots In Our Silver Partner Program.
Time Is Running Out - Act Fast!

Here's all you have to do...

Click the "I Want Access Now - Click Here" button below, fill in your information on the next page, and then check your email for confirmation and access details. It's that simple!

Get Your Membership In The Silver Partner Program Today!

Priority Member Registration

Yes Che, Enroll me now! I would like to receive immediate access to your Silver Partner Program right now. I understand that I will be given instant access to the Members Only Online Community so that I can immediately begin marketing myself, and networking with other professionals. I also understand that I will receive your How To Close Deals Home Study Program, and information about attending the 2-day, Sales and Success Boot Camp, and the Partner Program weekly Conference Calls so I can get started immediately.

I realize that my entire investment is backed by your Personal Guarantee and that if I am unsatisfied for any reason, I can return the materials for a full, 100% refund of the tuition.

I understand that by enrolling today, I will receive the special discounted price of $299.00, for a full 12 months enrollment, and that this special offer is limited to the first 200 individuals who enroll.

Ready to get started? Choose from our 2 flexible payment options below:

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It's a Great Day,

Che Brown

P.S. Still undecided? Remember, your satisfaction is fully guaranteed for a full 30 days. Give it a try for a whole month to see if it's right for you.

Claim your access to this one-of-a-kind sales mentoring program containing a full 52-weeks of personal instruction, a complete home study course, and supplemental membership site.

I'm confident you'll be elated by what you find.

P. P.S. Remember! The universe rewards people who take action differently than those who don't. By taking action right now and signing up for this program, you are creating the potential to reach a new level of success in your sales career. You are creating the opportunity for your income to increase. You are also communicating to yourself, and to me that you're serious about creating a higher level of success in your career, and your life!